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The Power and Mystery of The Midnight Battle – Part 5

We need to rise at Midnight and fight the AGENTS OF THE NIGHT:

– Witches and Wizards

– Sorcerers

– Enchanters

– Diviners

– Spirit Wives and Husbands

– Satanic Ministers

– Night Caterers

– Powers that summon people

– Cults and occultic movements

– Counterfeit angels

– LORDS OF THE NIGHT ( Spiritual armed robbers, powers that smite by night, terrors by night, destruction that walks in darkness – Psalms  91 )

Gideon destroyed

Ancestral worship/idolatry

Of his father’s house

By waking in the middle of the night

(Judges 6:25-28)

Destroying Baal’s altar,

Cutting down the Asherah pole

And building an altar to the Lord

Judges 6:25 says

It was at night that the Lord said

“Tear down your father’s altar

And build a proper Altar

To the Lord your God…”

In the morning

When Baal’s supporters woke up,

The damage was already done.


You also have to stay awake at night

To destroy ancestral/demonic strongholds

And build new altars

So that when your enemies wake up

They should be confronted by defeat.



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