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The Power and Mystery of The Midnight Battle – Part 6

In Judges 7:9-24

We read that AGAIN

The Lord spoke to Gideon at night (vv9)

And said,

“Get up, go down against the camp

Because I am going

To give it into your hands.”


Looking at the above Scripture

And the drama at Night in the Life of Jesus – Matthew 26

Which details the following occurences –

vv20 In THE EVENING…Prediction of Betrayal

vv31 This night you’ll all fall away…Desertion

vv34 This very night you’ll deny me…Denial;

It becomes apparent

That a larger portion of our victory

In spiritual warfare

Lies in The Power and Mystery

Of the Midnight Battle



How Can We Cultivate the Habit of Praying in the Midnight Hour?

1. Desire it

2. Ask for Holy Spirit’s help

3. Be determined to pursue it

4. Practise it

5. Be disciplined a day at a time

6. Get the help/association of other believers through

– Night vigils

– Night Prayer Chains

– Night Prayer Partner Pacts

– Night Prayer Camps

– Night Prayer Holidays

7. Know the kind of prayers to pray

– You have to pray Scripturally – I John 5:14

– You have to pray Specifically Mark 11:23 “Upon this mountain”

– You have to pray Truth-fully James 4:3

– You have to pray Aggresively and Violently Matthew 11:12

– You have to pray Honestly and Sincerely– James 5:17

– You have to pray Inceasantly – I Thessallonians 5:16-18

– You have to pray Persistently (Pray Until Something Happens)  – Luke 18:

– You have to pray Faith-fully – Mark 11:23,24 and James 5:15

– You have to pray Boldly – Hebrews 4:16


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